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Domestic violence counselling service

The Domestic Violence Counselling Service is a free and confidential service for women who are currently experiencing or escaping domestic violence and women who have experienced domestic violence in the past.

Living in an abusive relationship can leave you with the following feelings:

  • very low self esteem
  • anxiouness
  • emotionally exhausted
  • trapped and hopeless

These problems can be difficult to sort out on your own so you may want to consider talking to a professional counsellor.

How do I make an appointment?

The counselling service is free and appointments can be made between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday. There are also support groups available.

If you would like to speak to a counsellor, please contact us. If you phone and the counsellor does not answer your call, she is probably with a client so please leave a message and she will return your call as soon as possible.