Frequently Asked Questions

Rules are in place and are based around health and safety issues. There is no alcohol or illegal drugs or activities allowed on the property.

No-one deserves to be abused. This includes women, children and men. Most conflicts can be overcome by appropriate methods of communication. Many partners may benefit from participating in various educational courses including - conflict management, communication skills and for some perpetrators, anger management workshops.

Domestic violence workers offer options for women to choose from. If women wish to separate from their partner then there are income, housing and legal options for them to choose. If a woman wishes a temporary break from her partner, then counselling options for their partner are offered. Some women just need support to stay in their relationship.

Most definitely not! Even very young children can hear, see and sense the abuse. Therefore children are also being abused. Some of the effects of domestic violence on children include - bed wetting, nightmares, asthma, headaches, feeding difficulties, sadness, bullying, shyness, speech problems, depression and so on. Some are caught in the crossfire of physical abuse and are injured or murdered.

Our service also provides support for women who are experiencing domestic violence but do not require accommodation. We can also arrange transfers to other locations if required.

You should always do whatever you feel possible and safe for you. For example, telephone police. You could save someone's life.

Domestic violence occurs when one person in a relationship uses abusive methods to exert power and control over the other. The way perpetrators gain power and control varies, and if not stopped can escalate to physical violence including murder.

Domestic violence is not physical abuse alone. It includes verbal, financial, social, sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abuse. The abuse is not a "one off" situation. See More

Because some perpetrators of domestic violence can use extreme methods of control and may pursue their partner, the street addresses of our accommodation units are confidential. We employ various security options for extra protection.

There are many reasons and some examples are - no income, fear of being found, fear of murder of herself and children, further threats of violence, harassment at work, promises of change, and threats of suicide.

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