Dawn House, Darwin - Northern Territory

Dawn House Inc provides services to women and children escaping domestic and family violence.


The Vision of Dawn House is to promote the rights of all people to live a life free of violence


Dawn House is committed to promoting the rights of women and children to be safe and live a life free of violence through empowerment, advocacy and education

Dawn House has always been a service that is run by women for women and their children

Women's Shelter

Providing safe and secure crisis accommodation for women and children


Domestic Violence
Counselling Service

A free and confidential service for women experiencing domestic violence


Domestic Violence
Community Education

Workshops and support services for workplaces, your clients and staff


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What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is a crime. Domestic violence is where a partner, ex-partner or family member uses direct or threatened abuse which causes damage to you or your children to live in fear. A relationship can be abusive without there being physical violence.

There is no excuse for domestic violence and you are not to blame. Responsibility for the violence lies with the abuser. There are a variety of examples of violent or controlling behaviours that either on their own or in a combination are examples of domestic violence. They are all unacceptable and used with intent to control you.