Myths About Domestic Violence

Myth: Domestic Violence (Date Violence) is not a wide spread problem.
Reality: One in three women may be hit by a partner.

Myth: A female is more likely to be attacked by a stranger than by her partner.
Reality: Domestic Violence (Date Violence) is more common than violence against women in the street, pub or workplace.

Myth: Domestic Violence (Date Violence) is a private matter. It is better to leave couples to sort out their differences in their own way.
Reality: Violent crime is everybody's problem.

Myth: It was a one-off it won't happen again.
Reality: Violence against a partner is rarely a one-off incident. It usually forms part of a pattern of increasing abuse.

Myth: Men who abuse their partners must be mentally ill.
Reality: There is no direct link connecting domestic violence with mental illness. Violence against women is motivated by a desire to control and maintain power over a woman.

Myth: Only certain types of men assault or abuse their partners.
Reality: There is no typical abuser. Age, physical build, race or religion are not determining factors.

Myth: Domestic Violence (Date Violence) is a momentary loss of self-control.
Reality: Most domestic violence (date violence) is intentional. When abusive men hit their partners, they often aim at parts of the body where the bruises will not show.

Myth: Domestic Violence (Date Violence) is caused by alcohol.
Reality: Many men are violent towards their partners when they are sober. Alcohol certainly can be a contributing factor in violence but it is often just another excuse used by men to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

Myth: The woman must have done something to deserve it.
Reality: No one deserves to be beaten or abused. Many abusive men persist in making irrational or excessive demands on their partners.

Myth: Regret or remorse on the man's part means he has changed.
Reality: Many men feel regret or remorse after hitting their partner. These feelings, apologies and promises to change, are part of the cycle. They do not indicate change.

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